The Real Me

Christine. 23. Hampton University Educated. Howard University Employed. Sit back and observe .

Oh shoot. It’s my baby sister’s birthday!!! It’s funny how a summer away made us so close. From all our conversations, nicknames, and even encouraging words, you are a lot more that just a friend. You are really and truly a little sister. Happy Nasty 19 Lainny Pooh!!! @_lainaalyse

Before the day ends, I have to wish a very very happy 21st birthday to a girl that was my first little sister. Throughout the years, I’ve seen you mature and become a wonderful person. From show choir, trip to Europe, joining church, singing in church choir and all the sister to sister conversations, it’s been great. We’ve been able to take a everyday choir member relationship and became like family. I am grateful for you and I glad to call you sissy. Happy 21st Bunk Bunk!!!! @itsbeemoore

For this is the day The Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it. #cantnobodydomelikejesus #100daysofhappy #puppetpraise

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